Surat Blockchain Meet

September 22, 2018, Surat, Gujarat

About The Meetup

Facilitated by Quillhash Labs, Research wing of Quillhash Technologies, in association with Syncoro Innovation Hub, The "Surat Blockchain Meetup" will bring you an overview of the technology, application areas, and use cases of the Blockchain.

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Who Should Attend?

This meetup is for anyone interested in the evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and its practical applications in business.

Meetup Schedule

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Session Time Venue
Inroduction of blockchain 05:00 PM Mansukhlal Tower
Real use Cases of Blockchains 05:20 PM Mansukhlal Tower
Inroduction of Cryptocurrencies 05:40 PM Mansukhlal Tower
Use Cases of Cryptocurrencies 06:00 PM Mansukhlal Tower
Introduction of Initial Coin Offerings ( ICO ) 06:20 PM Mansukhlal Tower
Introduction of Security Token Offerings ( STO ) 06:40 PM Mansukhlal Tower

Event Venue

3rd Floor, Mansukhlal Tower,
Opp. Dhiraj Sons, Athwa Gate,
Surat, Gujarat 395001

Contact Information

[email protected]
Deadline : 2018-09-22

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